Welcome to our Proactive Pilates Community, a place where you truly can feel comfortable in the hands of highly qualified instructors and health professionals who offer a variety of classes for all ages and fitness levels.

We recommend all NEW clients without Pilates experience to start with our new client $65 intro offer which includes a 30 min private consultation and two classes. The private consultation is conducted by our accredited exercise physiologist and health fund rebates may apply.

Bookings Are Essential

Please create an account to access our booking system.  It is essential to purchase your classes prior to booking into any class.

Please keep in mind that we have a 12 hour cancelation policy should you need to cancel a class. You will need to log into your account (my schedule ) to cancel a class.

Wait Lists

We have a limit of 12 clients per class as such some classes may be wait listed.  We encourage you to add your name on the wait list as we might have some late cancelations and a space in the class may become available . Please keep in mind when putting your name on the wait list that it is like reserving a space in the class.  You can be added into the class up to 60 min prior to the class starting.  It is your responsibility to check to see if you have been added in.  If you get added into a class and do not attend the class you will automatically lose the class as it is considered a late cancellation. You have the option to cancel your booking off the wait list anytime.

Pilates Grip Socks

We require socks for sanitary reasons. We recommend  grip socks which can be purchased at the studio or via our online store. However you are welcome to use regular socks.

Class Timetable

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